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    The role of the UN Security Council


    Despite a changing world, the Security Council remains the main international body responsible for the maintenance of peace and security, whose decisions are binding for all UN member states.



    Membership of an exceptional group


    Council membership raises the international profile and prestige of a country and can also be an effective instrument for promoting the achievements of the state in matters broadly related to international peace and security. In part due to this reason, UN Security Council membership in the coming years is being sought by a number of EU countries, such as Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Romania, Ireland, at times leading to fierce competition for the same spots between countries that enjoy close relations.


    In addition, countries aspiring to assume important roles in their respective regions or with aspirations to play a greater global role (eg. Brazil, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Germany, Japan) try to secure a seat on the Security Council every few years.




    Ability to actively participate in the work of the Security Council


    Membership in the Security Council will give Poland the unique opportunity to actively engage in efforts to strengthen international security and implement the most important goals of the United Nations.


    Our membership in the Security Council can be regarded as part of larger efforts to increase Poland’s involvement in global affairs and build a position in relation to non-European countries, for which the UN remains one of the leading points of reference.



    Campaign slogan


    The political message and the priority areas of engagement and activity of the Republic of Poland have been linked to the three slogans of our campaign, which also define Poland as a candidate country to the Council, namely Solidarity, Responsibility, Commitment.




    Oficial hashtag of the campaign in social media:  #PL4UNSC



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