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  • 30 September 2017

    Visiting Beijing for the 5th round of the Poland-China Strategic Dialogue taking place on September 29th , Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Magierowski held talks with the deputy head of Chinese diplomacy Wang Chao.

    The meeting included a broad review of bilateral issues and also touched on the most important issues related to current events in the international arena.

    During talks with his Chinese counterpart, Deputy Minister Magierowski presented proposals to strengthen the mechanisms of the Polish-Chinese strategic partnership.

    The deputy ministers of both countries also discussed a number of areas pertaining to bilateral cooperation, including investment, infrastructure, trade, climate and energy policy, culture, tourism as well as regional and local cooperation.

    In the area of multilateral cooperation within the 16 + 1 format, grouping Central and Eastern Europe and China, the deputy ministers exchanged views on the forthcoming Prime Ministerial Summit in Budapest in November.


    They drew attention to the Business Forum accompanying the event, which creates additional contact opportunities for Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs.

    Deputy Minister Magierowski also referred to the Second Meeting of Transport Ministers within the 16 + 1 format, which will take place in Warsaw on 25-26 October.

    "We believe China will be interested in the planned inland waterway projects in Poland, and the talks at the October conference could bring closer concrete decisions in this area of our cooperation," said the deputy head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    "Poland is China's largest partner in Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the most important European Union countries for Beijing," Deputy Minister Wang Chao said.

    The deputy head of Chinese diplomacy underlined the very good state of Polish-Chinese relations, making a positive reference to the concrete proposals of the Polish side regarding the scheduling of further political contacts, some of which are due to be held at the highest level.

    He declared that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports proposed cooperation projects within specific sectors.

    The deputy ministers also discussed key issues and major regional security issues in Europe and Asia, stressing the need to respect international law and resolve disputes peacefully. 

    The topics discussed included the situation in the Korean Peninsula, Sino-US relations, the current situation in the EU, the conflict in Ukraine, China's policy in Central and South Asia, cyber security, and a number of economic issues, including in the context of EU-China relations.

    Deputy Minister Wang Chao congratulated Poland on its election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for a two-year term beginning on January 1, 2018.

    He also voiced his praise regarding the hosting of the next COP24 climate conference in Katowice in 2018. He declared the PRC's readiness for close cooperation with Poland in these forums.

    Strategic dialogue is one of the mechanisms of the Polish-Chinese Strategic Partnership established in 2011 and strengthened in 2016.

    Talks at the deputy foreign minister level take place in an annual cycle, alternating between the two countries.

    During his visit to Beijing, Deputy Minister Magierowski also met with the deputy head of the PRC’s State Council Development Research Centre and international experts working in China.


    MFA Press Office

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