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  • 13 September 2017

    Poland has long supported the postulate regarding the deployment of UN international peacekeeping forces in areas of Ukraine affected by aggression and occupation, said the deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Bartosz Cichocki, who met in Warsaw on 11 September with the German government’s Special Representative for the OSCE, Gernot Erler. On 12 September he talked to Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergiy Kyslytsya.


    The key topic of the talks held by the deputy minister was the proposal to deploy a UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. Deputy Minister Cichocki stressed that "Poland has long been involved in talks on resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine and supports the deployment of UN international peacekeeping forces in areas affected by aggression and occupation." On this point, it was noted that Poland, Germany and Ukraine were in agreement. In his talk with Minister Kyslytsya the deputy head of Polish diplomacy pointed out that given the wilting initiatives aimed at improving the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Poland is prepared to actively participate in the negotiating process.

    “As a strategic partner of Poland, Ukraine can count on our commitment to the process of restoring respect for international law,” Deputy Minister Cichocki said.The diplomats also discussed other issues related to Polish-Ukrainian bilateral cooperation. The deputy head of the Polish Foreign Ministry welcomed his counterpart’s willingness to hold consultations on the new education law Ukraine, which contains provisions on teaching in minority languages.

    Deputy Minister Cichocki stressed that "as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council from 1 January 2018, Poland is aware of its responsibility in the work being dealt with within the Council." "This is particularly true of the process of working out the shape of a possible mission in Ukraine," he said. In the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, he also emphasized the importance of ensuring appropriate conditions for the functioning of the Special OSCE Monitoring Mission and the need to increase its activity.In his talk with Gernot Erler, Deputy Minister Bartosz Cichocki also discussed the issue of the Russian "Zapad-2017" military exercise. Both sides stressed the need for Russia to comply with the transparency requirements of the OSCE’s Vienna Document.


    Sergiy Kyslytsya and Gernot Erler came to Warsaw for their part in the opening session of the OSCE Human Dimensions Review Meeting, which took place on September 11-22. During this year's conference 18 work sessions were scheduled and around 100 events were planned. Government delegates from OSCE countries and partner countries of the Organization, representatives of OSCE institutions and field missions, representatives of civil society and international organizations, and human rights experts will discuss issues including freedom of expression and the media, freedom of association, the role of national institutions for the protection of human rights and civil society.



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