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  • "We hope that political dialogue between France and Central Europe will be more structured, free of stereotypes," Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymański said on Friday after the meeting of the V4 leaders with French President Emmanuel Macron.

    He said that the meeting of the Visegrad Group prime ministers with the French president, which was held before Friday's session of the EU summit in Brussels, was organized on the initiative of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and lasted much longer than had been foreseen.

    Szymański said that the meeting touched on issues relating to migration policy, the future of the common market, particularly in the area of work on the final shape of the Posting of Workers Directive, climate policy and defence policy.

    The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the V4 prime ministers and President Macron acknowledged that there are serious disagreements within the EU in all of the areas mentioned, so "more intensive dialogue" is needed.

    "Poland has maintained its readiness to organize and facilitate such dialogue in order to overcome the barriers that today make it impossible to make decisions in most of the cases mentioned. We have agreed to continue such meetings in the near future," Szymanski said.

    "In this sense, the meeting can be considered very successful, it was a good initiative to present very clearly the interests of Central Europe, the interests of Poland related to European integration, at President Macron's first European Council meeting. We are hoping that they will be better understood in Paris," he added.

    He pointed out that for Poland the level of understanding in Paris was so far "unsatisfactory".
    "We are also counting on this, and it is very clear from the words spoken by Prime Minister Beata Szydlo that political dialogue between France and Central Europe will take place in a more structured manner, without stereotypes, without formulations that can be considered as patronising, stereotypical, sometimes offensive," stressed the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Szymański pointed out that there is no conflict of values between the V4 and France but that they are interpreted differently.

    "We are ready to accept an interpretation of these values that is one-sided, proposed by anyone ," he said.
    "We do not expect the interpretation of individual values to be dictated by  other Member States or EU institutions, even the most delicate cases," he added.

    The deputy head of the Foreign Ministry was also asked whether Macron commented on his statement made in an interview given to eight newspapers published in Europe, in which he said: "Europe is not a supermarket, Europe is a community of shared destinies. It weakens when it agrees to reject its rules. Europe countries that do not follow the rules must bear all political consequences."

    Szymański said that the "rhetorical aspects" of communication between the two sides were taken into account before this meeting.

    "We all read these words, some of us even commented on them, so one of the final aspects of this meeting was the definition of this political perspective, the readiness for political dialogue to bring about a solution," he said.

    "There was a very clear expectation from Prime Minister Beata Szydlo that communication between both sides does not take place in this way, because such communication does not create confidence," he added.
    He pointed out that Poland hopes that President Macron "will notice the incompatibility of some of the wording that appeared lately."

    "I do not want this to sound like the central point of these talks - we met to talk about the most important European issues to overcome the differences of interest, to find political solutions to these differences of interest," the deputy head of the MFA said.

    Szymanski was also asked about media reports on whether Poland was considering pulling out of the meeting with Macron.

    "Poland was the organizer of this meeting, we were the ones that prepared it in recent days immediately before the summit and we never offered to cancel the meeting," said Szymanski.
     "I would like to stress this very strongly - the media confusion I have heard is completely unfounded," he added.

    Source: PAP

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