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  • “We hope that Donald Trump will discuss the international situation and security, especially in our region,” said Witold Waszczykowski, commenting on Polish expectations ahead of the US president’s visit.


    “We expect NATO and the US side to give us assurances of a response to military threats that are coming from Russia,” said the MFA head.


    The minister said that the talks will also cover Poland’s economic and energy situation, in particular in the context of the Tree Seas initiative’s infrastructural goals, bilateral issues, and the prospects for supplying the Polish army with US equipment. He emphasised that the planned visit will certainly improve cooperation between both countries, especially if a deal is made on energy cooperation, military matters, and arms procurement. “We have high expectations and the chances are there for numerous agreements in the near future,” he added. The foreign minister furthermore expressed hope that President Andrzej Duda will pay a return visit to Washington in 2018, on the centenary of Poland’s independence. Noting the symbolic significance of this date, he recalled that “2018 also marks the 100th anniversary of Wilson’s fourteen points, which laid the foundations for peace treaties after the First World War and whose point thirteen dealt with Poland.”


    Asked about the venue for Donald Trump’s address, Krasiński Square, the chief of Polish diplomacy explained that the US had suggested it. “They chose Krasiński Square and the Warsaw Uprising Monument for it is heavy in symbolism.”


    Responding to criticism from the opposition, which claims that Poland is getting isolated internationally, the MFA head said: “we’re the first active diplomacy in many years.” He recalled that our country has recently welcomed nearly all major European and global leaders; last year Poland also hosted the NATO summit and World Youth Day; and a major UNESCO meeting is currently underway in Krakow.



    Source: Gazeta Polska Codziennie


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