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  • “We’ve got ambitious plans to modernize the Polish army and the Americans can be of great help in these plans,” Witold Waszczykowski, the foreign minister, said on TVP Info on Thursday. He emphasised that the US has a number of weapon systems that Poland finds interesting.


    On Thursday, Antoni Macierewicz, the minister of national defence, announced that a memorandum had been signed concerning the United States government’s green light to the sale of a Patriot missile battery in its most advanced configuration, the same that is used by US forces.


    Commenting on this, the Polish foreign minister emphasised that Poland has ambitious plans to modernise its army. "The Americans can be of great help in these plans, because they have a number of weapon types that we find interesting. In some of these, they simply are in a class of their own," he said.


    He added that this issue “will be the subject of a general discussion” during today’s meeting between the Polish delegation and the US president Donald Trump. “The Americans may issue a political directive as to the continuation of the detailed, technical talks which are being carried on by the ministry of national defence,” he said.


    When asked further whether such directive had not been issued already, he replied: “Basically it has, but we’re dealing with a new administration, a new president, and some points need to be reopened, and, besides, you can always expect a better deal than that offered by the predecessors."


     After a conversation with James Mattis, the US defence secretary, at a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels last week, minister Macierewicz announced that Poland and the United States would work out a joint blueprint for developing anti-missile and missile defence.


    Upgrading air defences is one of the priorities of the multi-annual plan of armed forces development. The system is to be mobile and allow the defence of selected targets — critical structures, military formations, and contingents abroad. Wisła — a medium-range system capable of shooting down ballistic missiles — is one of the components of the planned national air defence system.


    Source: PAP


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