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  • “Dialogue between Russia and Poland has been put on hold on the Russian side’s initiative,” said A. Dmochowski. The MFA press spokesman added that the Russian MFA spokesman’s latest remark that the dialogue between Russia and Poland had been put on hold on the initiative of the Polish side represented at attempt at making Poland responsible for the downturn in relations.

    “The recent remark of the Russian MFA spokesman unfortunately represents yet another attempt at making the Polish side responsible for the current downturn in Polish-Russian relations. But Russia-Poland dialogue has been halted on the Russian side’s initiative and, as Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said, ‘the keys to better relations are in Moscow’,” Mr Dmochowski said.

    “We can’t therefore agree with the Russian position, as it contradicts the commonly known facts. Poland makes possible normalisation of bilateral relations dependent on Russia meeting specific conditions – most of all, obviously, related to compliance with international law,” he added.


    The MFA spokesman emphasised that Poland is ready for some serious talks.

    “We think that it is vital to maintain contact at the level of deputy foreign ministers and we’re still counting on a meaningful response from the Russian side, because improved relations may prepare the ground for solving issues in Russian relations with the EU and NATO,” he said.

    “But the Russian MFA’s spokesman should know that Russia has for many years failed to resolve a single serious problem in Polish-Russian relations. And that was not because of Poland’s position, but a lack of willingness for substantive dialogue on the Russian part. If such willingness now exists, all the better,” observed Mr Dmochowski.

    He recalled that the MFA provided the Russian side with a catalogue of several dozen bilateral issues in February this year. “It has so far been left unanswered,” noted Mr Dmochowski.

    “Accusing Poland of freezing Polish-Russian relations is not right, because Poland, as a member of the EU and NATO, doesn’t act unilaterally but follows consistent decisions affecting Russia after its illegal annexation of Crimea and armed aggression against Ukraine,” he said.

    Press spokesman Dmochowski also noted that it was not Warsaw but Moscow that introduced counter sanctions which among others hit economic cooperation forums. “In present circumstances it’s difficult to image a meeting of the Polish-Russian Economic Commission or the Regions Forum,” he said.



    Source: PAP

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