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  • The head of the Political Cabinet at the Minister of Foreign Affairs summed up the Polish Presidency of the Visegrad Group, which came to an end in June this year.  

    "The one year presidency was very intense, and contacts between the Visegrad partners were frequent and good," Jan Parys said. 

    He added that this was demonstrated not least by the seven meetings between V4 prime ministers. 

    Jan Parys also pointed out that the Polish Presidency focused on V4 consultations regarding European issues as well as issues including the future of the EU, Brexit, migration, barriers to the EU market, the digital agenda, the EU budget, the future of cohesion policy, energy and climate policy, the Posted Workers Directive and innovation. 

    The priorities of the Polish Presidency also included security and defence. 

    The head of the Minister's Political Cabinet stressed that the main goal in this area was the implementation of the decisions made at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, including the strengthening of the Alliance's Eastern Flank. 

    “In Central and Eastern Europe, security is indivisible. We all have to face similar challenges in this area, so we are working together to solve them. The V4 remains an important forum for cooperation on security issues,” Jan Parys said, adding that Poland is fulfilling its NATO obligations and encourages other countries to do so as well. 

    “In our opinion, increasing defence spending should be considered as a good investment in our own safety and in transatlantic relations. At the same time, we need to talk about security and stability, not just defence spending, but also about increasing defence capabilities and contributing to NATO missions and operations,” he said.

    With regard to V4 cooperation in the EU forum, especially in the field of migration, Jan Parys recalled that the Visegrad countries had expressed a critical stance towards the compulsory refugee resettlement mechanism. 

    On this issue, he expressed willingness to co-operate with the Estonian Presidency of the EU Council, which in his opinion should concentrate on convergence points, avoid unnecessary disputes and take into account the sensitivity of EU Member States. 
    The head of the Foreign Minister's Political Cabinet pointed out that in order to solve the problem of migration effectively, one must combat its fundamental causes and strengthen control of the EU's external borders.

    Jan Parys said that the Hungarian presidency of the V4 should continue to focus on European issues. 

    He also said that the Hungarian partners must also pay attention to issues such as improving the infrastructure linking the North and South as well as transport and energy in the region. The Hungarian Presidency should also be involved in the process of strengthening EU integration in the CSDP area.


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