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  • “We have presented the European Commission with a matter of fact analysis of Poland’s judicial system,” Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymański told Piotr Gociek.

    The deputy minister was asked about future correspondence on the rule of Poland between the European Commission and the government. 

    “We still believe that Poland’s EU membership is good for our prosperity and security. But this is not to say that we will close our eyes to changes taking place in the European Union. Changes for the worse,” emphasized the deputy minister.

    “The Union is going through a difficult time, a time of crisis. But that’s no reason to pigeonhole countries as good and bad ones,” said Konrad Szymański. “Poland will never accept it. We are ready to defend our case on the economy and politics at the EU forum. And this has nothing to do with challenging integration,” he noted.

    “The European Union is not about getting countries under the thumb; it’s about equality, dialogue, seeking compromise, and listening to one another. Some aspects of political debate within the EU are far from the European ideal,” added Konrad Szymański.

    “Poland has set out its case on the rule of law on three occasions. At first, it mostly revolved around the Constitutional Tribunal. Today, it’s about the law on ordinary courts organisation. I think these responses are very matter of fact,” said the deputy chief of Polish diplomacy.

    Deputy Minister Szymański said in the interview that solutions put forward in the statute are already in place in many European countries. As he pointed out, the European Commission conceded that it had no competence over the organization of the judiciary. “Indeed. I would suggest that the European Commission stick to this very true realization today as well,” he observed.


    Source: Polskie Radio

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