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  • “When we speak about the past, we invest in the future,” MFA Secretary of State Jan Dziedziczak told Polish Radio 24.

    Referring to Poland’s history and public diplomacy, the deputy foreign minister highlighted the importance that such events as President Donald Trump’s recent visit have for building a message about Polish history. He observed that the US president’s remarks on Krasinski Square had great resonance, and corresponded with the foreign ministry’s strategy of creating Poland’s image around the world. “We are showing Poland as a loyal ally of the Western civilization, also at those difficult moments of trial. We are showing Poland as a country that has always chosen liberty and Western values,” he added. The deputy minister emphasized that the US president’s speech represents a significant contribution to Polish diplomatic efforts with a view to the forthcoming Warsaw Uprising anniversary. “We want to show this unprecedented insurgence of Poles, and we also want to show the phenomenon of the Polish Underground State as a great achievement of Polish statehood,” he explained. 

    Asked about the foreign ministry’s initiatives related to history and public diplomacy, Deputy Minister Dziedziczak listed a number of publications, including “A Guide to the History of Poland,” which was issued in one million copies and was very well received by readers in different parts of the world. He also recalled the ministry’s contest for the best foreign-language book on Polish history, and said he was hopeful that the competition entries will help promote Poland abroad. Furthermore, he drew special attention to the Council of History Diplomacy, a body that was set up last year and brings together some of the leading authorities on history. As he pointed out, Polish-Ukrainian relations are very high on the Council’s agenda. “We are working on a narrative script: what to show about Poland, how to hold dialogue, and how to build the future without giving up on our values and history,” he said.

    Moreover, Deputy Minister Dziedziczak commented on actions envisaged by Polish diplomacy in 2018 to mark the centenary of regaining independence, and showcase Poland’s role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. He stressed that it is an excellent opportunity to show the world Poland’s phenomenon and road to freedom. “Let’s remember that the centenary of regaining independence is not only about the process of regaining independence itself; it’s also about taking stock of these one hundred years, which were very interesting indeed,” he added.

    Source: Polish Radio

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