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  • “The Polish government is going  to encourage the Polish community abroad to cultivate  knowledge of the Polish language and culture and to create a pro-Polish lobby,” said deputy head of diplomacy Jan Dziedziczak at a press conference in the Canadian capital Toronto on Thursday.


    The minister said that his visit to Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa will have a political agenda, and will also include meetings with the Polish-Canadian community. “The government wants to encourage the Polish community abroad to create a strong Polish lobby, both in the economic and political sense,” emphasized Minister Dziedziczak. “We want to urge our compatriots to be the defenders of Poland’s good name,” he added.


    “The visit takes place on the sidelines of a very important event, a Polish diaspora Scout Rally,” he said. “We want scouting to become part of the state’s Polish diaspora policy and to help it form Poland’s future leaders,” he explained.


    The minister pointed out that the Polish-Canadian community  enjoys  a good standing and the support of the Canadian government for migrant communities and their cultures. Minister Dziedziczak called on the Polish diaspora to cultivate the Polish language, also among young people, to make it easier for them to keep their ties with Poland.


    When asked by PAP about the possibility for the government to co-fund the expenses connected with Polish language teaching in countries such as Canada, Dziedziczak said that this type of support will continue to be channelled mainly to Belarus, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. “Our funds go mostly to the Poles in the East,” he explained. He added that legislative work is underway to introduce school IDs for Polish diaspora youth that will entitle them to have the same discounts and conveniences during their stay in Poland as students at home.


    Answering PAP’s question about the intention of the Polish government to follow the Canadian example in shaping its migration policy, just as the US is now planning to do, the minister said that Poland’s  situation is different because of its geographical location; he added that there are around a million Ukrainians in Poland now. “We have very good relations with the people who fled their countries because of war and for other reasons. In my constituency (Kalisz – PAP) Ukrainians account for as much as 20 % of the labour market, which is quite a lot, and people are on very good terms,” he added.


    Minister Dziedziczak went on to say that the government plans to create a special Senate constituency to help the Polish diaspora to be actively involved in Poland’s political life. “The Senate is responsible for the Polish community abroad and we plan to create a Senate constituency that will make it possible for Poles around the world to elect their Senator who is not related to Warsaw. It will be a person who will deal exclusively with the affairs of the Polish diaspora,” he said.


    More than a million Canadians are of Polish origin, and around 20% of them speak the Polish language.


    Source: PAP

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