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  • 6 November 2013

    The importance of the November Eastern Partnership Summit was discussed by MFA Undersecretary of State Henryka Mościcka-Dendys during tripartite Polish-Swedish-French consultations held in Paris.

    The success of the upcoming Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership has exceptional significance not only for the EaP countries, but also for the EU as a whole - is the main message of the seminar “Countdown before the Vilnius Summit – or a New Opening for the Eastern Partnership?” attended by Deputy Minister Mościcka-Dendys together with Sweden’s MFA State Secretary Frank Belfrag.  The debate was organised by Polish and Swedish embassies in Paris and the European Council on Foreign Relations.


    Deputy Minister Mościcka-Dendys emphasized Poland’s longstanding engagement to promote and develop the Eastern Partnership. “The European Union needs a well-managed neighbourhood – both in the South and in the East,” she stressed in Paris.


    She added that the Vilnius Summit will also provide an opportunity to evaluate the EaP programme. “The Summit, by closing an important stage of the dialogue will also open up a long and difficult process of reforms in the partner countries,” concluded Deputy Minister Mościcka-Dendys.


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