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  • 14 June 2017

    “We have large trade turnover. Italy is Poland’s big economic partner. We would like this cooperation to continue and even to expand,” said Minister Witold Waszczykowski after his meeting with the head of the MFA of the Italian Republic, Angelino Alfano.

    “We also hope that we will raise our political cooperation even higher on the basis of our economic cooperation,” continued the Polish MFA head.


    Today, the ministers discussed the prospects for developing Polish-Italian relations, also in the context of the planned Intergovernmental Consultations and the visit by Italy’s President to Poland, as well as current issues on the European and international agendas. “In addition to bilateral issues, we have also discussed European matters, the EU’s future, Brexit, and what can await us after Brexit,” said the chief of Polish diplomacy. The ministers specifically addressed the future of the EU. They pointed out that Brexit has demonstrated the growing dissatisfaction of Europe’s citizens with the current state of politics and the shape of the European Union. They agreed that the EU needs reforms so that it could again be close to Europeans and the values they hold dear, that and security and the improvement of European competitiveness, key to growing prosperity, will remain a priority. They also stressed that the continued threat to the security of Europeans requires a decisive response from governments, while effective solutions are contingent on unity and cooperation of the Member States.



    “We have also discussed at great length the problem of migration, which is important for Italy as well as for Poland,” stressed Minister Waszczykowski. “We have clarified to each other that migration from the south is equally important as migrations from the east, which are important for our country,” he added. Poland’s top diplomat indicated that the talks also covered other threats emerging from the south as well as the east: a wave of terrorism from the south, and the unresolved Russian-Ukrainian conflict from the east.”. “We are prepared to cooperate together to resolve these conflicts. Poland and Italy are both in the EU and NATO and both of these institutions respond to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with sanctions, enhanced presence by deploying allied troops in the eastern flank, among others” said Minister Waszczykowski.


    The chief of Polish diplomacy also thanked the Italian side for supporting Poland’s candidacy for non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. He expressed appreciation for Italy’s six months of activity on the UN SC and stressed Warsaw’s willingness to closely cooperate with Rome also in this forum.


    The visit by Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to Poland takes place at the invitation of the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Poland, Witold Waszczykowski.


    MFA Press Office


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