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  • 5 December 2017

    Today’s meeting of NATO foreign ministers focused on the challenges facing NATO, including cooperation with the EU, European defence and relations with Russia. The meeting is part of preparations for next year’s NATO summit.


    At the North Atlantic Council’s meeting with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini, Minister Witold Waszczykowski underscored that EU-NATO cooperation declaration that was adopted at the Warsaw summit has given new impetus to EU-NATO relations and multiplied cooperation areas to include developing a joint response to hybrid threats and the fight against terrorism.  “The EU structural cooperation should strengthen EU-NATO cooperation,” said the MFA head. He also emphasized that it is very important for the EU and NATO to closely coordinate their activities to ensure complementarity and prevent possible duplication.   


    During the session convened to discuss strategic issues, the Polish top diplomat said that NATO should continue to show unity and coherence. He opined that the Russian Federation has so far fallen short of reacting properly to the offer of dialogue put forward by the Allies. “Russia remains part of the problem, not part of the solution,” stressed the MFA head. He went on to say that dialogue with Russia should be filled with substance and dedicated to dealing with urgent issues, such as the aggression against Ukraine and the need to adhere to the principle of transparency in military operations.



    On the sidelines of NATO session, Minister Waszczykowski met with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. The two ministers discussed bilateral relations amid the ongoing talks to form a new German government, and Eastern Partnership cooperation. The Polish foreign minister also took part in a trilateral Poland - Romania - Turkey meeting of foreign ministers to express their unanimous support for NATO’s open door policy. “We believe that NATO should expand,” underscored the Polish top diplomat. The three ministers also discussed joint initiatives to enlarge the Alliance, specifically to take in the Balkan states.


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