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  • 7 December 2017

    Following today's decision by the European Commission to refer Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary to the European Court of Justice in connection with their failure to implement relocation decisions from 2015, obliging EU countries to participate in a mechanism whereby asylum seekers are compulsorily relocated, the Polish side stresses that it is prepared to defend its position at the European Court of Justice.

    Poland cooperated with the European Commission during the previous stages of the infringement procedure. In connection with the explanations contained in the responses submitted by the Polish side, we requested that the European Commission discontinue the on-going proceedings with regard to the infringement of EU law. It is thus with greater disappointment that we accept the decision of the Commission in this matter.

    Not only did mandatory relocation not contribute to the improvement of the migration and asylum situation or security, but to a significant extent it deepened the divisions between member states, hindering dialogue not only in terms of migration. 

    It should be stressed that almost none of the member states have met their obligations in this area, which indicates that the use of this instrument was premature and was not based on a real compromise between countries at the time of its adoption in 2015.

    We are ready to continue to support and develop those areas of cooperation that in fact contribute to the development of an effective migration and asylum policy.

    We stress that Poland is continuing its commitment, including in the area of the protection of external borders, development and humanitarian support as well as efforts related to the admission of migrants for profit. 

    These activities have been noted and appreciated by our EU and non-EU partners as part of a constructive and well-thought-out policy, the effects of which do not pose a threat to the security and cohesion of the European Union.

    The position of the Republic of Poland remains unchanged: Poland does not agree with the solution proposed two years ago by the European Commission. At the same time, we encourage our partners in the European Union, including the European Commission, to focus on effective measures to offset uncontrolled migration to Europe.


    MFA Press Office

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