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  • 17 February 2017

    “Supporting Poles who are staying abroad is one of the priorities of Polish foreign policy,” said MFA Secretary of State Jan Dziedziczak. “I hope that thanks to the cooperation between MFA and the Itaka Foundation, we will be able to find many of our missing compatriots,” he added.

    The declaration, which was officially signed by Deputy Minister Jan Dziedziczak and the President of the ITAKA Foundation Alicja Tomaszewska, provides for joint activities whose aim is to find missing Polish nationals who are staying, living or working abroad and to support their families. 



    The MFA Secretary of State noted that “the foundation has a great track record and is a leader in solving these distressing issues. Closer cooperation between the two institutions will make their joint efforts to assist our compatriots overseas more effective.” ITAKA’s president said that she “hopes that the agreement will enable us to shorten the search time and will directly help the families of our missing persons.”


    The document signed on Thursday is a continuation of the existing cooperation of both institutions. The parties formally declared their willingness to improve the existing forms of cooperation, to exchange information about missing persons, to organize joint workshops and trainings and to disseminate information factsheets. 


    MFA Press Office

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