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  • 1 February 2017

    “Diplomacy is not only one of the noble professions; rather, it’s a lifestyle we choose for ourselves and our loved ones. The foreign service is above all a very honourable service to Poland,” Minister Witold Waszczykowski underscored at the inauguration ceremony of the diplomatic and consular training, hosted today by the Diplomatic Academy in Warsaw.


    “The Diplomatic Academy in its present shape has been established after we analysed all the forms of MFA staff training used before. I am confident that the solution we’ve adopted will make it possible to continue all the best traditions and experiences of educating Polish diplomats,” said the minister.


    According to the Diplomatic Academy’s Director Jacek Czaputowicz, those embarking on diplomatic and consular training make up an extraordinary group. “The aim of the new recruitment rules and procedure was to select the best candidates for joining the foreign service,” he said.


    Chosen in the course of a multi-stage recruitment procedure, the group of 31 trainees will spend close to one year preparing for work in the diplomatic and consular service. During 18 weeks of lectures, seminars, workshops and foreign language classes run by outstanding scholars and experienced diplomats, the trainees will expand their knowledge of international relations and law, and acquire diplomatic skills. Over that time, the candidates will get to know all MFA organisational units and will visit the most important state institutions responsible for Poland’s foreign policy. The trainees will make three study visits to Polish diplomatic missions in Lviv, Brussels and Geneva.


    Following the theoretical part, this year’s trainees will get placements with MFA departments and bureaus, and later at missions abroad. The training will end in a diplomatic and consular exam in January 2018.


    An MFA organisational unit operating pursuant to new regulations, the Diplomatic Academy was launched on 1 October 2016. It serves to develop the competencies of the entire foreign service. One of its important goals is to prepare Polish civil servants for work at international institutions.


    At today’s ceremony, Director General of the Foreign Service Andrzej Jasionowski awarded diplomatic ranks to a group of employees who have recently completed the diplomatic and consular training and have passed the exam.


                                                                                                     MFA Press Office

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