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  • 7 December 2017

    “In recent years, the transatlantic community has been increasingly exposed to hybrid threats, which include hostile actions aimed at destabilizing the region and the state,” Deputy Minister Marek Magierowski said at the "Myth and Reality - Countering Disinformation in V4" conference.

    During the conference organized by the Res Publica Foundation with the support of the NATO Public Diplomacy Department, Polish and foreign experts discussed the issue of analysing and counteracting hostile hybrid operations.


    It was noted that this type of threat is currently one of the most important security challenges not only for the Visegrad Group countries, but also for other EU and NATO member states. The dissemination of false and manipulated content is designed to destabilize Western societies by undermining confidence in the country’s leadership, state institutions and the media of a given country.“Without a doubt, Russia is one of the most advanced hybrid actors. Since Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in disinformation and propaganda activities steered by Moscow,” the deputy head of Polish diplomacy said.



    MFA representatives actively participate, both on the national and international level, in the debate on the phenomenon of Russian propaganda and hybrid activities.Furthermore, by cooperating with other institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports all initiatives aimed at counteracting hybrid threats. An example of this was the series of workshops and training seminars organized together with the Polish Ministry of National Defence for Polish journalists and public officials aimed at increasing awareness of such threats.


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