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  • 14 September 2017

    “I can say unequivocally that Poland has not waived its claims,” Deputy Minister Jan Dziedziczak said in an interview with Tadeusz Płużański on Polish Radio 24’s Rozmowa Poranka - 24 pytania.

    Commenting on the issue of compensation from Germany, the MFA deputy head pointed out that “there is a very interesting analysis by the Sejm’s Bureau of Research, which is an extremely important and prestigious institution – both among state and legal institutions. These are very serious arguments.” “It is a decision that affects many other factors. It is so important from the point of view of the interests of the state that it has to be taken by the whole Government,” the deputy minister stressed.



    As regards the alleged waiver of reparations by the Polish People's Republic under the 1953 Treaty between the Polish People's Republic and the German Democratic Republic, the deputy minister said that “other democratic countries that suffered as a result of World War II were awarded compensation, so Poland should not be treated any worse.” “All the more to Warsaw's advantage should be the fact that, against its own will and despite its heroic and unequivocally positive attitude during the war, the greats of this world subjected Poland to Soviet occupation,” Deputy Minister Dziedziczak added.


    “Poland has not waived its claims. Right now we are gathering legal arguments and recently we have received many serious arguments in favour of a government decision and possible government actions regarding this very significant issue. It is a matter of enormous amount of money that could be used for the benefit of the Polish people,” said the deputy chief of Poland’s diplomacy when asked whether the 1953 declaration was binding.


    Talking in turn about the Zapad-2017 exercise, Deputy Minister Dziedziczak highlighted that there is a significant concentration of troops near Poland’s eastern border. He also said he was satisfied with the presence of NATO troops on the Polish territory.


    Source: Polskie Radio 24

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