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  • 7 December 2017

    "This year’s edition of the Warsaw Dialogue of Democracy is held under the theme Democracy in dialogue, dialogue in democracy," the Deputy Foreign Minister said on Thursday.


    "It will provide a platform for a public debate on current challenges, available remedies and key stakeholders involved in democratization processes," Deputy Minister Magierowski said in his speech.


    He noted that the Warsaw meeting could not take place at a more critical moment.


    "Nowadays, democracy cannot be taken for granted as a globally accepted default “operating system”. Many democratic institutions and their advocates come under pressure from authoritarian regimes or face terrorist threats. Fake news have put limitations upon  the credibility of media and undermined freedom of speech. With armed conflicts and violent extremism on the rise, transitional justice mechanisms and interreligious dialogues have become more crucial than ever,” the deputy head of the MFA pointed out.


    "Poland is proud to be part of the collective efforts to defend democratic progress and resist anti-democratic trends," he said.


    The aim of this year's conference is to underscore the importance of dialogue for the respect of human rights and freedoms and to strengthen democratic institutions. The issues that will be discussed during the panel sessions will include free and independent media, interfaith dialogue, transformative justice and the role of young people in shaping an inclusive political system.



    The opening of the conference was accompanied by the granting of the Pro Dignitate Humana award. In recognition of their contribution to the protection of human rights, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland decided to honour Farida Abbas Khalaf and Nadia Murad, representatives of the persecuted Yazidi minority, who are denied the right to profess their religion and live in peace.


    "The Pro Dignitate Humana Prize for Nadia Murad and Farida Abbas Khalaf is a symbol of our recognition of their sacrifices in defending the rights of people who are persecuted, specifically the Yazidi minority. Despite their own dramatic experiences, they relentlessly promote respect for human dignity," Deputy Minister Magierowski said during his laudatory speech.


    "This year’s Pro Dignitate Humana Prize reflects our solidarity with the Yazidis and with other religious minorities in the region who suffer from persecutions inflicted by ISIS. It is also a symbol of our solidarity with young people from conflict zones who have been deprived of the chance to live their lives in peace and freedom", the deputy head of the MFA said while granting the award to Farida Abbas Khalaf.

    The "Pro Dignitate Humana" award is bestowed for resolute actions performed in defence of persecuted people and those vulnerable to repression as well as for the unwavering defence of individual rights and respect for human dignity. 

    The first laureate of the award was Ales Bialacki (Belarus), in the following years the award winners included the "Memorial" organisation (Russia), the Pakistani lawyer Asmia Jahangir, the Russian activist for human rights and civil liberties Ludmila Aleksiejew, as well as the “Civic Assistance Committee”, the Russian non-governmental organization defending the rights of refugees and migrants. 

    Last year, the winner was Dr Helena Pyz – a Polish doctor and lay missionary living and working at the Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre in Jeevodaya, India.


    MFA Press Office

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