• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • Poland's engagement in development cooperation in the years 2016-2020 shall be focused on a fewer numer of geographical priorities. The anticipated effect of concentration of support is the increase in efficiency and strenght of Poland's development cooperation's influence within the limits of its financial and organisational resources. 


    Present geographical priorites were selected with regard to five following criteria: development needs, implementation of development cooperation, bilateral cooperation, cohesion with the EU initiatives and security. Support will be primarily directed to ten countries: Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine - which are members of the Eastern Partnership; african countries - Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania; one asian country - Myanmar (formerly Burma) and the Palestine situated in the Middle East.


    In the framework of the Small Grants System and the Volunteering Programme, Polish development cooperation is implemented in other geographical areas, for instance in South-East Asia, the Balkans, Latin America.





    The Polish systemic transformation experience has become our capital: an increasing number of countries want to apply it to improve their own systems, to build independent civil society institutions and democratic administrative structures. We offer development of infrastructure (building and equipping schools, hospitals, building roads) as well as technology transfer, technical advice, trainings and expert assistance to our development cooperation partners.





    Poland also provides humanitarian assistance in natural and man-made disasters. In addition to contributions to international humanitarian organizations that provide humanitarian and food aid, each year the Polish MFA allocates funds for humanitarian assistance to regions affected by sudden humanitarian crises. Geographical preferences play no role: aid is provided where it is needed to save human lives.

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