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    The objective of Polish humanitarian assistance is to save lives and alleviate suffering of victims of natural and man-made disasters in developing countries while maintaining human dignity. Polish humanitarian aid is delivered in accordance with the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid and the fundamental principles of neutrality, impartiality, humanity and independence. The key principle of Polish humanitarian assistance is the needs-based approach.


    Polish humanitarian aid is directed  to regions affected by both sudden-onset and protracted humanitarian crises. It consists in responding to a specific humanitarian appeal after evidence-based needs assessment.


    Polish humanitarian aid is delivered in two ways: firstly in the form of contributions to international humanitarian organizations (particularly United Nations agencies and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement) and secondly in the form of co-financing operations of Polish entities (mainly NGOs and National Headquarters of the State Fire Service). Additionally, actions are taken to build the capacity of Polish humanitarian aid system as well as promoting humanitarianism in Poland and abroad.


    Providing humanitarian assistance to population affected by armed conflict in eastern Libya.
    Photo: Embassy of Poland in Cairo.

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