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  • What is global education?


    Global education is about educating and informing the Polish public about current global development issues and their underlying factors. It familiarises the Polish people with the situation in developing countries and countries undergoing systemic transformation; makes them understand the global interdependencies between the developed and developing societies. It should also inspire them to see the global context: to critically reflect on their lifestyles and daily choices that impact in a positive or negative way the quality of life of people in other countries. Consequently, global education should lead to personal involvement in the fight against poverty across the globe and to engagement in the process of building a global society, based on the principles of solidarity, equality and cooperation.



    How do we educate and inform?


    The MFA educates and informs through:


    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been supporting Polish non-governmental organisations, local governments and education institutions engaged in raising development cooperation issues in public debates and introducing them to school curricula from the elementary to the university level.

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