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    Foreign Minister Waszczykowski speech during UN Security Council, New York, 10.01.2017



    Open thematic debates at UNSC allow countries outside the Council to speak and present their views. In recent years, Poland has regularly and actively participated in the UNSC’s open thematic debates. Participation in open debate gives us the opportunity to present Poland’s position with regard to the most important issues discussed by the UN Security Council.


    20 December 2016

    Poland participates in the Security Council debate on trafficking of persons in conflict situations (click here)


    15 December 2016

    Poland among co-sponsors of the UN Security Council resolution on weapons of mass destruction (click here)


    22 November 2016

    Poland participates in the Security Council debate on water, peace and security (click here)


    7 November 2016

    Poland’s voice in Security Council debate on asymmetric threats to peace operations (click here)


    25 October 2016

    Polish voice in the Security Council Open Debate on Women and Peace and Security (click here)

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