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  • Poland takes an active part in the work of the United Nations, placing special attention on actions aimed at fostering international peace and security, promoting human rights and democracy, poverty eradication and development aid, as well as environmental protection. We coordinate our UN activities with the remaining EU Member States. We are in favour of the EU speaking with one voice on the UN forum whenever possible.


    It is worth noting that even though Poland was one of the most important allies in the struggle against Nazi Germany and a victim of the latter’s invasion, it did not take part in the founding conference in San Francisco. This resulted from an increasingly divergent stance of the superpowers on whether to recognize the communist authorities in Poland, which were not legitimized in free elections. But this in no way suggests that Poland had been forgotten at the conference. The Polish-born piano virtuoso, Artur Rubinstein, preceded his concert at the San Francisco opera hall by saying:


    “This Hall, where the great nations have gathered to make this world a better place, I don’t see the flag of Poland, on behalf of which this cruel war was waged.” And added, “And so now I will play the Polish national anthem.”


    Despite the absence of representatives of the Polish government at the founding conference, in recognition of Poland’s input in the fight against fascism, Poland was counted as one of the UN’s founding members by amending the wording of Article 3 of the United Nations Charter. Poland signed the Charter on 15 October 1945 and ratified it on the following day. In its declaration, the Government of Poland expressed its readiness to cooperate with the UN, emphasizing the significance of the common security system, the principle of inviolability of frontiers and the foundation of national political systems on the principles of democracy.


    As a member of the United Nations, Poland implements the goals and principles laid down in the United Nations Charter.


    Charter of the United Nations (in English) -



    Speech by the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, at the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly


    Transcript of the speech:,504,address-by-the-president-of-the-republic-of-poland-at-un-general-assembly.html 


    The official website of the President of the Republic of Poland:,502,syrian-conflict-calls-for-security-council-reform.html  

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