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  • Poland established diplomatic relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan on 21 February 1992. Both countries are represented at embassy level in the capitals.

    Azerbaijan is Poland’s most important economic partner in South Caucasus. In 2015 Polish trade exchange with Azerbaijan amounted to approx. USD 135 million (in 2014 it was approx. USD 172 million) - including exports of 120.85 million US dollars, imports 14.2 million USD. Legal basis for the economic cooperation between Poland and Azerbaijan is the intergovernmental agreement on economic cooperation, signed in 2005. On that basis works Inter Governmental Committee for Economic Cooperation, whose meetings are held alternately in Warsaw and Baku (last meeting took place in December 2014 in Baku).

    Azerbaijan is a member of the Eastern Partnership. It has achieved progress in the visa liberalization process and signed VFA&Rs in 2014. Azerbaijan is going to start negotiations on the Strategic Partnership agreement with the EU.  The main area of cooperation between  Azerbaijan and EU are energy issues, related to the construction of the Southern Gas Corridor - the important project to transport gas from the Caspian - and Black Sea and the Middle East to Europe.

    On 25 February 2016 constituted Polish - Azerbaijan Parliamentary Group.

    Polish diaspora in Azerbaijan has a long history, people of Polish nationality arrived there in the late eighteenth century, after the first partition of Poland. In the late nineteenth century in Azerbaijan lived more than 2000 Poles – currently about 100 people of Polish ancestry.

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